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32xxMAK Wi-Fi Maker Board

  • Maker friendly 0.1″ pitch small form factor WiFi boards
  • Based on TI CC32xxMODAxx WiFi modules
  • Breaks out all GPIO, FLASH, JTAG and SOP pins

Ref. Design: Multi-Station WiFi Audio Intercom

  • Miniature low cost reference design
  • Based on TI CC3220MODAS WiFi modules
  • Communicate between 6 stations
  • PA (Public Address) feature
  • Optional sound activated burglar alarm
  • Optional audio memo featureĀ 
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  • Variants using same design:
    • Doorbell Intercom,
    • PA only (subset: no front-end audio),
    • Baby Monitor (subset: no back-end audio),
    • Portable with Battery,
    • Full duplex with headset


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